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The Way is the Destination (Confucius).

Our Story

Our NEOVI story began in 2016 in the romantic city of Heidelberg, Germany. We started small, nonetheless, we had enormous aspirations. Luckily, we are not alone in this journey. We are not only accompanied by our diverse research teams of dermatologists, natural scientists and pharmacists, but also dreamers and illusionists.

We named our dream “NEOVI”, a combination of the two words NEOS (innovative) and VITAL (abundance of vitality) to represent our vison: to think evolutionary and to implement evolutionarily. Some times later NEOVI was identified with the lotus flower, the symbol of purity.

As a result, The NEOVI care products are derived from innovative raw materials and natural plant extracts, inspired by Earth-Mother, with the highest effectiveness and the best Antipolluaging- and detox technologies to support the natural balance of all the skin functions.

Our goal is to create products for you that accomplish:

  1. detoxification and blocking the environmental pollution impacts such as UV radiation and air pollution

  2. reversing the consequences of the daily life stresses such as lack of sleep, unbalanced nutrition and nicotine and alcohol consumption.


We cannot change the wind but set the sails differently. ʼʼ


If you decide or must settle for an urban lifestyle with increased environmental pollution, you will gradually experience the negative influences and health complaints “up close”: premature skin aging, profound skin disorders, color irregularities or redness, as well as hair loss. Therefore, you should deal early with detox and set the sails differently to protect your skin.


Creativity is intelligence that has fun. ʼʼ

Albert Einstein

The NEOVI team has been working on the topics of detox and antipollution for a long time to develop revolutionary formulas for the future of health and aesthetics. We are pleased that we are working in this path in a creative way to find a solution to prevent the invisible, adverse and late effects of pollution.


Love is the center of human life. ʼʼ

Dalai Lama

You need your skin for life, we have developed NEOVI for you to protect you against resilient environmental stressors and bring love back to your relationship with your skin and hair.


There is no security, only different degrees of insecurity.

Anton Tschechov

We regularly consult with the best specialists, dermatologists, scientists, and pharmacists from Switzerland, Germany and GMP certified laboratories. We are continually expanding our expertise and advancing in the field of skin and hair products.

The NEOVI products originate from in-land and marine vegetables and are subsequently suitable for every skin type, especially sensitive skins.

According to the epicutaneous[1] test results, our products are hypoallergenic. However, possible allergic reactions can never be 100% excluded.


The children of Adam are the members of one another, since in their creation they are of one essence.


As a revolutionary and modern cosmetics company, the concept of sustainability is our guiding principle. We tirelessly integrate the sustainability triangle principals into our production and analyze the interaction of ecological, economic, and social aspects. Consequently, all our products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and are free from animal testing.

We also utilize a part of our success for charitable purposes. With our core products, we not only wish to generate beneficial skin and hair products, but also support people in need worldwide. We believe that we can act together in solidarity to provide some assistance for our fellow human beings.


The quality of life is more important than life itself.  ”

Alexis Carrel

Change your diet and improve your skin appearance.  

Most of the nutrients your skin needs for its daily regeneration come exclusively from your body.  

Move towards a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and CLEAN EATING, accompanied by EXERCISE and RECOVERY! 

NEOVI provides the best active ingredients for nourishing, recovery and relaxation of your skin. 


The fact that we can talk to each other makes us human.

Karl Jaspers

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