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Product Description:

  • NEOVI DETOX & ALL IN ONE FACE CREAM with SPF 30 is a anti polluaging and multi-protection skincare cream for daytime. The rich formulation with vitamins, natural and marine ingredients has been developed to counteract the effects that UV rays, free radicals and other harmful environmental influences can have on the skin and thus protect the skin from premature ageing. It is particularly suitable for women aged 25 and above, living in larger cities and showing signs of stress, such as sallow complexion, sagging skin, wrinkles, pigment spots and /or blemishes. Three highly effective anti- ageing ingredients make for strong, resilient cells and more beautiful skin.



Product benefit:

  • anti-pollution (increases the skin’s resistance to environmental pollutants)
  • anti-oxidant (effective protection against free radicals)
  • protection from sunlight and light- induced
  • protection from IR radiation
  • protection from premature skin ageing
  • protection against pigmentation
  • preserves the skin’s smoothness
  • moisturizing and moisture- retaining
  • supports the skin’s natural regeneratio
  • reduces irritation
  • improves skin tone



The skin receives perfect protection and care against UV rays, free radicals and negative environmental influences to preserve its youthfulness, radiance and smoothness.



Description of the most important ingredients:

  • DETOXYL® OP is an aqueous glycolic detox complex containing shea abutter extract. The complex is rich in gallic acid and epigallocatechins and demonstrably protects the skin from pollutants such as nicotine, lead, chlorine and exhaust fumes. Effect: Detoxyl® OP complexes metal ions such as iron and lead, detoxifies cells and reduces radical chain reactions and irritation.
  • EPIDERMIST PLANKTON is a multi- functional anti- ageing ingredient derived from marine plankton and can visibly improve skin tone. Plankton extract optimizes the physical and chemical barrier function of the skin and improves its moisture content. The result is improved skin quality and a uniformly radiant complexion.
  • CLODESSINE is an anti- ageing peptide, extends youthfulness and life span of skin cells, reduces wrinkle depth, increases skin elasticity, enhances the natural defence and detoxification mechanism, improves radiance, protects against premature ageing due to everyday stress, improves skin texture and quality of the reduces the number and size of pores.
    Comprehensive UVA and UVB protection thanks to UVA and UVB sun protection filters like UVINUL and TINOSORB, a reliable protection against skin ageing, wrinkles and skin cancer.
  • IR protection thanks to microparticles TINOSORB®M.
  • VITAMIN A supports the skin’s natural regeneration, increases mitotic activity, elevates enzyme activity, normalises the keratinization, improves the epithelization, helps for thickening of the epidermis and regeneration UV- damaged skin.
  • VITAMIN C has an anti- oxidant effect, stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces wrinkles and protects against light- induced skin ageing.
    VITAMIN E obtained from cereal- germ oils moisturises the skin, protects from the negative effects of free radicals and prevents premature ageing of the skin.
    GALACTOARABINAN, a multifunctional polysaccharide obtained from larch bark, moisturises and can reinforce the effects of sun protection filter substances.
    GLYCEROL has a moisturising effect.
  • GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID, an ingredient in Iiquorice root extract, has exceptional anti- inflammatory properties.




Apply NEOVI DETOX & ALL IN ONE FACE CREAM to clean, dry skin on the face, neck and cleavage.



Please note:

The product has been dermatologically tested. According to our current state of knowledge, no side effects and allergies have been detected. Despite high compatibility, it is still not possible to exclude allerg. Reactions. In case of irritation, immediately stop the application and contact us. It is our philosophy that our customers are fully satisfied with our products. If you are not satisfied, we will completely refund the purchase price.



PACKET DIMENSION : 12,9 x 12,4 x 9,5 cm

JAR DIMENSION : 7x7x6 cm

WHEIGHT : 358 gram

VOLUME : 50 ml